Migration and Upgrade

Migrating from Windows

If you previously only use windows operating system then welcome to the open source world. If you are familiar with linux operating system you can continue to next step. For those of you who are newly migrated, do not give up when facing difficulties, you can ask in doscom group or on TeaLinuxOS fanList the developers and other users will help you. These are some of the most frequently used keywords in windows and can be found in TeaLinuxOS.

If you’re have difficulty to migrate to linux because there are some software that you often use only can run on windows operating system you can use application wine or virtualbox (already available in TeaLinuxOS Pappermint) although this is not recommended considering not all software running on windows operating system can run in wine or virtualbox. Another solution you can use is free open source software which has the same functionality as the software.

How to upgrade

TeaLinuxOS is launched once a year usually in April (decided by team) you can upgrade your version of TeaLinuxOS by downloading it on pinguin.