Introducing Desktop Environment

Desktop environment TeaLinuxOS Pappermint with elegant and simple themes but user friendly. Some introductions about the desktop environment in TeaLinuxOS are as follows :



This panel consists of icon menu in the left corner you can click it and the application menu will appear.
On the left side there is workspace swicher settings, user names in the form of action buttons (suspend, logout, shutdown etc.), clock, battery indicator, volume indicator, network indicator, keyboard virtual indicator.

For the middle panel contains the window menu of active applications or that are running. menu
→ Settings → Panel → Item . You can add or delete item on your panel.



In the desktop there is only a wallpaper view, you can add folders. Shortcut, change the wallpaper or icon on your desktop. You can do this by right-clicking around your desktop area.

File and Directory


TeaLinuxOS Pappermint use Nautilus file manager from gnome. To access ![menu] (
→ Accesories → File Manager.
Create new folder

Right click → New Folder

Copying File (copy)

Choose folder or file to copy
Right click → Copy
Or using shortcut Ctrl + c

Cutting File (cut)

Choose foler or file to cut
Right click → Cut
or using shortcut Ctrl + x

Pasting file (paste)

Choose file or destination folder or file you want to paste
Right click → Paste
or using Shortcut Ctrl + v

Deleting file (delete)

Choose folder or file you want to delete
Right click → Move to trash
or using shortcut delete

Ejecting device (eject)

Choose device you want to eject
Right click → Unmount
or click on up arrow icon right beside device name