Settings and Options

Changing Menu

→ Settings → Settings Manager → Menu Editor

In this menu editor you can fully manage your menu hierarchy, add commands, group your favorite apps, or create new launchers.

Personal Information Changes

→ Settings → User and Groups

User and Groups is used to change user information, including name, username, password, user type whether administrator or normal user. In this setting you can also add a new user and delete the old user. Groups settings can add new groups, add users and manage user privileges on the groub. In advanced settings you can add contact information, manage user privileges, and other in-depth settings.

Changing Interface


→ Settings → Dekstop

In the wallpaper section you can select the wallpaper we have provided it is located in /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops/ if you want to add another wallpaper, in the Folder you can choose your directory to put your wallpaper image then choose it.

Changing the display theme

→ Settings → Appearance → Style

You can change the interface of TeaLinuxOS Peppermint to your taste. Deffault theme used by TeaLinuxOS Pappermint is Tea-Mint-Light, if you are not comfortable with this theme you can replace it with another theme from TeaLinuxOS like Tea-Mint-Dark via Theme- Switcher or otherwise you may change the display that you can download yourself such as Orion, Numix or others.

If you want other themes, you can install them and set them in the Appearance settings.

Change the icon display

→ Settings → Appearance → Icons

Default icons used by TeaLinuxOS Pappermint is Tea-Mint-Light if yo
Icons deffault yang digunakan oleh TeaLinuxOS Pappermint adalah Tea-Mint-Light if you do not like it you can install other icon on TeaLinuxOS Pappermint system and you will find the settings in Apperance. If you download icon you have to install it first or you can place it in /usr/share/icons/ if you are the only user who have that icon (other user in the same computer not) that icon can be placed in /home/username/.icons/ id this folder does not exist, you can create one.

Theme Switcher


TeaLinuxOS 8 is completed with Theme Switcher Tray, an application that make you possible to change themes swiftly. This application is a small icon that appears in the indicator area of the panel. Click ton change theme, and right click on icon to see settings and about.

Panel Configuration

→ Settings → Panel


Right click on empty panel and choose Panel → Panel preferences

In panel settings there are 3 tabs and that is Display, Appearance and Item. In Display panel setting you can configure whether the panel will be horizontal, vertical or deskbar and also the panel length size setting. The appearance tabs sets how panel will be seen, such as we make Aplha Background to 0 then your panel does not have a background, or sets Leave Opacity to 0 then your panel will be seen only when you moving pointer closer to your panel. The third tab is an Item that contains any items in the panel you can add or delete items that already exist. With this setting you can change the deffault panel to your own panel as you like.