Migration and Upgrade

Migrate from Windows

If previously you only use Windows as operating system then welcome to open source world. If you already familiar with linux operating system you can continue to the next step. For the new one here, don’t give up when facing a problem, you can ask in Doscom Group or in TeaLinuxOS Fanpage all the developer and other users will assist you. This is some keyword often used in windows and can be found in TeaLinuxOS.

If you still hard to migrate to linux because there are few software you often use and can only run in windows you can use application wine or virtualbox(Available in TeaLinuxOS PapperMint) although it is not reccomended because not all the software that run in windows can also run in wine or virtualbox. Another solution is you can use free open source software that have the same function like the software you use.

How to Upgrade

TeaLinuxOS launched once a year on April (decided by release team) you can upgrade TeaLinuxOS version by download in pinguin.