Maintaining Computer Securoty

Tips on Maintaining Computer Security

Some tips to keep your computer safe are:

Change the computer password periodically

Even if you have a very difficult password to solve it would be nice to stay alert by changing your computer password periodically, the steps are as follows:

→ Settings → User and Groups
Click your username in the list
Click Change in Password settings
You can choose set password by hand if you want to enter your own password or chooseGenerate random password to choose password randomly.
Finally select Ok

Lock your screen when leaving the computer

Locking the screen when about to leave the computer is very important to avoid someone accessing your computer. To lock menu
→ Lock Screen or Clickuser name on panel → Lock Screen .

Set up Firewall

Firewalls help prevent security breaches by blocking connections from unknown sources. In the initial conditions Firewall is not running but you can install applications like Firestarter or others.

Be wary of accessing the internet

Here are some tips for keeping safe online:

Backup data regularly

Possible problems are loss of files or data due to settings for one reason or another. The causes of data loss are numerous and varied; eg during a power failure to accidentally delete a file. It is strongly recommended that you backup your important files, if you encounter the problem, you still have the backup.

We recommend storing backups of files separately from your computer; such as CDs and DVDs, external hard disks, USB disks or other computers.

The easiest way to back up files is to manually copy them to a secure location using File Browser and Archive Manager to compress files and wrap those files. Alternatively, you can use a special backup application.

Tips when backing up data: