Managing Installed Apps

Installing Software

Installing applications using the internet

Make sure your computer is connected to a computer network because the installation will directly download the application package you want to install from ubuntu repository. The easiest way is through the Software Center.

Click ![menu] (
→ Software

Or through terminal, Open terminal and
Type command:

sudo apt-get install name_of_the_package

Enter your computer password.
When there is dialog " Do you want to continue? (Y / n) " type " y "
Wait until the download and installation process is complete.
Run the app by calling the package_name in the terminal or you can look it up in the menu.

Installing applications without internet

If you have an application with extension .tar.gz, .deb or .tea you can install it without an internet connection.

Uninstalling Software

To install certain software you can do it in the following way:
Open the terminal and make sure first the package name you want to uninstall by using the command:

dpkg -list

After you’re certain with the package that you want to uninstall type command:

sudo apt-get remove package_name

Enter password
Wait until the uninstall process is complete.

Adding a Repository

Repository is a set of application packages or programs for an operating system (Linux) that is used to support the performance of an application, program and so forth obtained from the mirror server website packages. There are two ways to add the repository to the system.

Installing via Tealinuxos IDE Installer

You can install your package using the TeaLinux IDE Installer as follows:

Updating software

Settings → Software Updater
Updating the software can be done through Software Updater service, the system will check the software update and will download from internet and install the updates for the software.