Network and Internet Connection

Connecting and Disconnecting networks

![menu] (
→ Settings → Network Connection
or click the networkmanager
NetworkManager icon located in panel→ Edit.
The network connection in TealinuxOS Pappermint uses a network connection to manage networks using wired, wireless networks, mobile broadband, VPN and DSL connections. Network connection will connect your computer automatically with the network, but the first connection usually requires security information to connect to the network.

To disconnect the network click on the Networkmanager
NetworkManager icon located on the panel then clickdisconnect.

Configuring the connection

If you want to configure your network, In the Netwok Connection dialog box you will see the existing network connections. Choose either to set the configuration or you can add a new network connection by selecting Add.

Sharing the connection to another computer

You can share a connection to another computer using an Ethernet cable. For the setting click the icon Networkmanager
NetworkManager → Edit then selectAdd in the dialog box select the type of connection you want, After clicking the create button on the tab IPv4 Settings select the method used.

Troubleshooting on the network

If your network connection is not working perfectly you can use some way to find your connection error.

Checking connection information

Checking if the connection works

To check whether your chef is working or not you can test it through ping.

If the connection is successful you will receive a message in the form of the number of packet statistics transmitted. If you get the ping: unknown host then your computer may not be connected to the internet and can not reach the Domain Name System (DNS) server.