TealinuxOS Installation

TealinuxOS Installation Guid

There is two ways for installing TealinuxOS to your device :

Download TealinuxOS

Tealinux ISO can download here.

Make Bootable TealinuxOS ISO to Flashdisk

To make bootable to flashdisk you can use Third Party software such as Universal USB Installer, Unetbootin or Rufus. here is steps for making bootable TealinuxOS ISO using Universal USB Installer.

About how to use, installation and more you can see at each official software

How to make hardisk partition for TealinuxOS

To make hardisk partition you can use Create and format hard disk partition for windows, GParted for Linux, or another tools usual to make partition.
There are 2 kinds of partition for TealinuxOS :

TealinuxOS Installation Process

  1. After you have bootable, make sure you connect the bootable to your device.
  2. Restart your device to start TealinuxOS installation process.
  3. Change booting option to your bootable. you can enter to BIOS and change BIOS mode to Legacy (if using UEFI/EFI mode).
  4. Then change boot priority USB HDD(): to the first place if you use flashdisk or change boot priority CD(): to the first place if you use CD.
  5. Save your settings and restart.
  6. Wait a moment until it appears the menu as the following :
  7. Choose Try TealinuxOS to try or Install TealinuxOS` to install directly. If you choose install TealinuxOS then you can skip step 6 and 7
  8. Wait for a while until TealinuxOS Desktop appears as follows :
    If you agree, you can try all the features on TealinuxOS before installing. Then choose Install TealinuxOS icon on the desktop to install
  9. You will see the interface as below:
    You are asked to choose the language to further use, choose OK to continue.
  10. Next you are asked to choose to download third party software or not. Click ok to go on.
  11. Next you are prompted to select the installation procedure as follows :
    • Install TeaLinuxOS Alongside Them
      This option can save file like document, etc.
    • Erase disk and Install TeaLinuxOS
      This option will erase all data on disk. (This option is reserved for those of you who do not want dual boot, because this option will delete all the existing OS and data.)
    • Something else
      This option is for you who want dual boot. Because in this option you can set the partition that we created earlier. Pilihan ini dikhususkan bagi anda yang ingin dualboot.
      Pilih something else lalu klik ok.
  12. You will get an interface like the following :
    As you can see on the interface, there is 2 partition that you made on previous step and that is /dev/sda1 which sized 50GB and /dev/sda5 which is 2GB in size. For information the partition name may differ between this tutorial and your device.
  13. Change the partition type /dev/sda1 by clicking the change button. Set it to ext4, format the partition and move mount point to ‘/‘. Choose OK to continue. format partisi dan juga arahkan mount point ke /. Klik OK untuk lanjut.
  14. CChange the partition type /dev/sda5 by clicking the change button again, and set it to swap area. Choose OK to go to next step.
  15. There will be agreement screen as follows :
    Click continue to proceed.
  16. You will be asked to choose the time and place.
  17. You are asked to choose keyboard type also.
  18. You have to fill your personal data.
  19. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  20. Restart and you can enjoy TealinuxOS