Default App Introduction

Multimedia Applications

! multimedia


Audacious is a free licensed media player software that focuses on the use of low computer resources, high voice quality and supports various types of formats. To find out more please visit the audacious official website Audacious.


VLC Media Player is a software of various multimedia files, both video and audio in various formats, such as MPEG, DivX, Ogg, and others. VLC Media Player can also be used to play DVD, VCD, or CD. VLC Media Player is open source and available for various operating systems. Starting from Microsoft Windows, various Linux distros, Mac OS, and several other operating systems VLC.

Multimedia Codec

Multimedia Codec library that allows you to play your favorite videos and music.

Office Applications

LibreOffice 5

TeaLinuxOS Pappermint has provided LibreOffice writer for LibreOffice writer for document processing, LibreOffice Impress for presentation processing, LibreOffice Calc for spreadsheet data processing and many other LibreOffice packages. For more information please visit the official website LibreOffice.



Firefox is a browser that is old enough to be stable and secure. TeaLinuxOS Pappermint brings Firefox browser as deffault browser to support user productivity. To find out about Firefox and its various features you can visit the official website Firefox.


Tea Package


Install all apps with complete dependencies easily with Tea Package.

Tea Package is an application developed by the PythonOS-based TeaLinuxOS developer script to install the app along with all its dependencies offline. This makes it easy for users to share application packages and install them without having to be connected to the internet. If you are familiar with .exe in windows operating system then in TeaLinuxOS Pappermint has .tea for application package used. Installing .tea can be done on Tea Package Installer. To find out about this project please look at github Tea Package.

TeaLinux Module Installer


TeaLinuxOS Module Installer is an installation of offline programming application using CD/DVD that has been filled with various application modules. The application modules provided include for the Programming Module containing Android Studio app, C/C++ compiler, apache2, PHP5, MySQL, PyCharm, Atom, NodeJs + npm, Geany, MonoDevelop, Brackets, NetBeans, Eclipse, and Qt. The Multimedia Module contains Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, Audacity, LMMS, Ardour, Synfig, Darktable, FFMPEG, and Krita apps. As for the VirtualBox Networking Module, traceroute, remmina, wireshark, and gigolo.
These modules can be installed by entering TealinuxOS DVD then click menu
→ Accessoris → TeaLinux Module Installer select the modules you want, then click Install.

Lapor Hama


Lapor Hama (pest report) is an application to easily report bugs or suggestions for the TeaLinuxOS operating system, so we hope to find out a better gap in TeaLinux OS for TeaLinuxOS.
In addition through this app, you can also report the TeaLinux OS pests at